Year of the Cat

December 15th, 2009 by Rob Hart

As the year wraps up everyone makes lists. I’ve been digging SeƱor Strazzante’s 2009 photo roundup, the Big Picture Blog, the Denver Post has great stuff, and I’m sure there will be many, many more.

I have friends that always complain about people sending him photos of their children, so my wife decided to make him a calendar of our cats. She asked me to come up with my favorite 12 photos. So here’s my 2009 year in cats.

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6 Responses to “Year of the Cat”

  1. matt slaby Says:

    You leash the feline? Tempting fate, Robert.

  2. Michelle LaVigne Says:

    These are absolutely delicious Rob. Thanks for sharing the kitty love.

  3. Carol Holt-Cooper Says:

    I love these! I get tired of others’ kids too, especially on answering machines. Great cat photos!

  4. Nathan Mudd Says:

    These are cool, although I don’t see the appeal in a yawning cat, still funny shots though.

  5. Suzanne Tennant Says:

    Are you taking orders? I want to order two.

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